Designing for people

Working across the whole process, creating products which tell amazing stories, help people with their lives, and move businesses forward.
Fully understanding why we are designing is key to a successful product, aiming to understand what a user wants and needs is key. The process is never a one size fits all that works for every project, we need to begin with an open mindset especially with design process not being exactly linear, adaptations need to be made along the way to get to the best solution.

Discover  Discover Discover

Me in-front of whiteboard
Understanding as much as we can helps us build solid foundations, and set out a plan as without a formed strategy the product/feature probably won’t do too well.
Research & data
Project alignment
Objectives & strategy

Define Define Define Define

laptop with user scenarios on screen using Mrio
Sketching wireframes
Here it’s all about thinking about potential areas to explore, starting with the why to define the vision of the project, teamwork is key throughout and a good feedback loop will make sure the design is great.
Synthesising research
Features, roadmap & strategy
Product Architecture
Flows & Stories
Sketching & Hypothesis & HMW

Design Prototype Test

Speaker UI
Here we take the knowledge learned and begin to ideate, design, and test, repeating the steps as we learn and uncover more. Design is how it all works together, not just for us but people using the product.
Problem exploration
Wireframes & Flows
Design ideation & refinement
Prototyping & Usability Testing
Scenarios & IA Maps

Implement Test & Learn

Music App Screens
Mobile Phone UAT testing
Implementation happens throughout the process, it’s about cross collaboration with different teams to create the best solution for the user and business. Products can always be improved, It's about monitoring to discover and test ideas for improvement.
Design System & Documentation
Development communication
CMS & Dashboards
Testing, Monitoring & Varients
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