Recent projects I’ve worked on

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Involved across the whole process crafting digital solutions with some amazing teams to create forward thinking experiences for some great brands & people, always thinking of the people we are designing for to make their day-to-day experiences better.
Userinterface on Television
NOW • Product Design
An experience for people to find and stream content.

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More Projects  More Projects  More Projects

  • Engels Volkers
    Product Design (Vision)
  • Xplor
    Website & Product (UX/UI)
  • V500
    Website Design (UX/UI)
  • Truhoo
    Product Design
  • Wingo
    UI Design
  • Aion
    Interaction Design
  • Crown Estate
    Website Design
  • A1
    Product Design
  • Swisscom
    Product Design
  • Interbank
    UI & Website Design
  • Hyperloop TT
    Website Design (Vision)

Some shorter projects and thinking, from features to products.